Give the gift of Hummingbird, Get the gift of Hyena

Hyena 3D Vinyl PreOrder Jun 15 2017.jpg
Hyena 3D Vinyl PreOrder Jun 15 2017.jpg

Give the gift of Hummingbird, Get the gift of Hyena


Give the gift of Hummingbird, get the gift of Hyena!

Buy 5 SIGNED copies of Jude Angelini's Hummingbird, and a get a free gift of the vinyl audiobook of Hyena, Jude's first book!

This vinyl is scheduled to ship in time to get to our US customers before Christmas 2017.

This package is valued at $100.



FOR THE PERSON WHO BUYS THE MOST BOOKS, Special edition art print of the Hummingbird cover art

FOR THE PERSON WHO BUYS THE SECOND MOST BOOKS, Signed test pressing of Hummingbird vinyl audiobook

FOR THE PERSON WHO BUYS THE THIRD MOST BOOKS, Signed special mistake book. The book was printed upside down and Jude has signed it for you.

Books + Vinyl will be shipped separately.

Hyena is "Rude" Jude Angelini's stunning debut memoir. Collecting stories from his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, Hyena is a stunning debut collection.

This Limited Edition Vinyl Audiobook is available only as a preorder bundle featuring:

  • one vinyl audiobook LP with the better side of an hour's worth of abridged storytelling by the author from Hyena [shipped as available]
  • five signed copies of Hummingbird paperback book by Jude Angelini [shipped starting 11/20]

Rare Bird Books' vinyl audiobooks were introduced in 2015 with the release of Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club prequel, Expedition, narrated by Chuck, featuring exclusive musical accompaniment by Rob Campanella of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Hyena by Jude Angelini is available as a paperback through Simon & Schuster, and available anywhere books are sold.

The trade paperback and e-book editions of Hummingbird, Jude's second book, were released worldwide in September 2017 from Rare Bird Books, distributed by Publishers Group West.

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Hyena is a collection of autobiographical stories by Jude Angelini, which takes the reader on his journey of heartbreak, depravity, and hilarity, deftly moving between his adult life and his childhood growing up in a factory town outside of Detroit. Each story is told with brutal honesty, yet maintains a gallows humor that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

Jude is one of the top hip-hop radio hosts on Sirius Satellite radio. His self-published, print-on-demand edition of Hyena has been an indie bestseller, despite having no ebook or physical distribution. Its exploration of drugs, sex, and the human condition compares to Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Artie Lange, and Jim Norton. It also captures the hardscrabble culture, language, and landscape of post-industrial Detroit, from which came some of pop culture’s most compelling artists.