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Charlie and the Tortoise

by m. j. mouton

Tiny Thinkers is a series of science books for kids ages 4-8.

The books tell stories of real-life scientists who went on 'adventures' to change the world through amazing discoveries.

The stories are told as if the scientists were children when they went along their journeys, and then provides facts about the grown-up students.

Each book ends by inspiring readers to have an adventure of their own.

Charlie and the Tortoise shares the journey of how Charles Darwin discovered the connections between all animals on an adventure to some very unique islands.

Secular Media Group
Hardcover, December 6 2016: ISBN: 978-0-998314-70-9
US $16.95 | Children's

Tiny Thinkers: Charlie and the Tortoise
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MJ Mouton grew up in the small town of Iowa, Louisiana. After school, he went to work in the environmental field and developed a love for the science that was present in his job. As the father of two girls and a lover of all things scientific, MJ decided to write short stories to teach his daughters science basics, and hopefully give them the inspiration that he missed out on that young in life. MJ currently shares his time between the area he grew up in and Chicago, IL.


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