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The Compass and the Nail:

How the Patagonia Model of Loyalty Can Save Your Business And Might Just Save The Planet

by Craig Wilson

Brand development and direct marketing expert Craig Wilson argues for the responsibility of consumers and the companies they spend money with. It is only through the power of the consumer, and the dedication of businesses to creating responsible and sustainable products, that we will be able to combat the draining of resources and the chemicals behind global warming and air and water pollution. 

Craig Wilson's The Compass and the Nail lays out a plan for how businesses can use consumer concern for the planet in order to create more successful businesses, while at the same time pushing forward in more sustainable business practices.

Rare Bird Books, A Vireo Book
Hardcover, 2015: 9781942600060
US $23.95 | Business and Economics
Also available in ebook formats

the compass and the nail has been longlisted for an 800-ceo-reads business book award for best marketing book

Craig Wilson is an entrepreneur, consultant, author, and coach. He has founded three businesses, just recently selling the theater production company he and his wife founded in 1990. He is a leading authority on loyalty, brand development, and direct marketing and counts some of the world’s most iconic brands in his listing of experience including Kiehl’s, Patagonia, Seventh Generation, prAna Living, Burton Snowboards, and Revolution Living, among others. He’s a three-time NCAA National Champion coach and a passionate observer of human behavior.

Over the past decade Craig has studied the direct marketing businesses that create the most passionate, loyal customers and holds a firm belief creating advocacy is possible anywhere. Craig began his career as an NCAA Division One Sailing Coach. Winning his first National Championship was the springboard to understanding what motivates people’s actions. He launched a theater production company in 1990, wrote and produced a highly successful, interpersonal skills-based seminar called Playing With Fire, and while with Patagonia, Craig developed their direct business strategy based on a seminal consumer behavior study, forming the first truly multi-channel marketing organization, growing the direct channel from $2M to $100M over a six-year period.

Craig is a sought after speaker and has lectured on the topic of loyalty and advocacy as the basic tenet of branding strategy at the University of Southern California, the University of California, and Pepperdine University's Graziadio Graduate School of Business. He’s the co-author of "Creating Advocates," a peer reviewed study on why consumers become fans of brands. The Compass and the Nail is his first book.


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