Take Fountain

by Adam Novak

A podcast transcript is turned in to a small publishing house in Los Angeles. It turns out to be a piece of missing evidence in a murder investigation that ran cold. Take Fountain is the reprinting of that transcript, and only by reading the entire conversation can the murder be solved. Take Fountain is a truly unique novel that slowly simmers to boil as an interview between two filmmakers gives hints to the anatomy of a brutal murder.

Works as a satirical romp through a screwy and savage world.
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Rare Bird Books, A Barnacle Book
Hardcover, 2015: 9781940207759
US $15.95 | Fiction
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Adam Novak is the author of the novel The Non-Pro. He has worked with the best of the best in entertainment for a long time at a major agency in Hollywood. He lives in Los Angeles.

A twisty detour off Sunset Boulevard, Take Fountain is a fast-moving ride through the heart of heartless Hollywood, where green lights are for winners, and Paramount’s just a dreamer’s drive-on away. For all those creative execs bored out of their collective wits at Comic-Con and constantly haranguing us to find the next Big Knife, Sweet Smell of Success, The Legend of Lylah Clare, or similar acid-laced, nihilistic fare that postulates we’re all just dog food—this one’s a definite recommend—with appealing roles for our actors—especially that guy from Wild Side.
Lem Hobbs, screenwriter of The Limey