Both  Sophisticated Devices  and  Make No Mistake  revolve around characters moving forward from pain in different ways.

Both Sophisticated Devices and Make No Mistake revolve around characters moving forward from pain in different ways.

Sophisticated Devices

by Sam McPheeters

Make No Mistake

by Jesse Michaels

The first of the new Barnacle Split Editions series. Barnacle Split Editions pay homage to punk rock split 7" records, combining two authors and two stories.

Sophisticated Devices takes on the prison system, following a man released from prison as he navigates a world that is hostile to him and his past. After 18 years, Sheldon “Chang” Chanfeld is a free man. But the world has changed since his 2010 conviction. For a registered sex offender, civilian life may be more dangerous than doing time. And with a fellow predator to be stopped, Chang is quickly running out of options.

Make No Mistake revolves around the story of a young man whose chance encounter with a woman in a therapist's office tips off an unhinged adventure that completely changes his perspective on life.

Rare Bird Books, A Barnacle Book
Paperback, 2015: 9781942600046
US $13.95 | Fiction

Jesse Michaels is an artist, musician and writer. He is well known for being the singer for the late '80s punk band Operation Ivy. His first novel, Whispering Bodies, was published in 2013. He currently resides in Los Angeles where he continues to write, create visual art, and direct films. 


Sam McPheeters was born in Lorain, Ohio in 1969. He is the former lead singer of Born Against, Men's Recovery Project, and Wrangler Brutes, and the founder of Vermiform Records. He has written for Apology, Chicago Reader, Criterion, Vice, and The Village Voice, among others. His first novel, The Loom of Ruin, was published by L.A.’s Mugger Books in 2012. He lives in Pomona, CA.