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Paperback, July 25, 2017: 978-1942600398
US $17.95 | Fiction

Running From The Sunrise by Jon Rankin
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Running From The Sunrise by Jon Rankin


"A perverse respectfulness compelled the demon within to acknowledge at the very last possible moment that it was about to take a human life."

Every time he sees a commercial on TV, Lloyd kills someone. His randomness has thrown off the law and left a trail of broken lives in it's wake.

Marty Randolph, a PI who's always one step ahead, has just met the woman of his dreams. As their relationship goes deeper, Marty must reveal just how dangerous his job can really be.

When Marty happens upon Lloyd in a routine background case, he has no idea the danger that has just been unleashed.

A hard-boiled detective story on the beaches of Florida and Southern California, Running From the Sunrise is a story of love, fear, horror, and revenge. A thriller sure to leave you breathless from start to finish.

Jon Rankin has a degree in Political Science from UCLA and a Juris Doctorate from Southwestern Law School. He's been a general practice lawyer for over thirty years. Running from the Sunrise is his first novel. He lives in Tiburon, CA.


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