Reimagining Healthcare Through a Gender Lens

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Reimagining Healthcare Through a Gender Lens

by carolyn buck luce

In this elegant but pocketable edition, passionate bibliophile Michael Ross has curated 106 favorite literary quotes from the collection of over 1500 well-read books on his shelves—but this isn't your typical rehashing of Bartlett's quotations. Michael Ross brings together men, women, love, sex, money, and death from such a new perspective even the authors themselves will probably find this book useful and insightful. 

The healthcare industry has a solution, at its fingertips, to some of its most intractable problems—but it still hasn’t grasped that solution.

Its most dominant market segment consists of healthcare decision makers who are guiding and influencing the decisions of end users. And this segment shares preferences and needs that cut across health condition, age, ethnicity, nationality, education, and income—but the industry isn’t focused on this segment.

The silver lining is that the needs of this dominant segment are understood and shared by many employees inside healthcare companies, including at senior levels. But their insights into their own demographic are rarely solicited or acted upon.

Who are these insightful employees? Who are these customers? And what is the solution for the industry’s future growth? Women.


Rare Bird Books
Paperback, March 14 2017: ISBN: 978-1-945572-25-8
US $14.95 | Nonfiction / Business

Reimagining Healthcare by Carolyn Buck Luce
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