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Marc Weingarten at the LA Law Library, Los Angeles

LA Law Library | 301 W 1st St | Los Angeles, CA 90012

Registration is free. Register online to reserve spot. The first 10 registrants will be eligible to receive a complimentary copy of Thirsty. 

Thirsty is the history of Los Angeles and its fraught relationship with water. As a city on the make since the early twentieth century, Los Angeles’ resources fought hard to keep up with its unchecked growth. The city’s water chief William Mulholland built an aqueduct to grab water over 200 miles away in Owens Valley, but it wasn’t enough. Thirsty is the gripping tale of Los Angeles’ epic battles for water, the larger-than-life characters that shaped a city’s destiny, and the man-made tragedy that killed 400 and forever changed the way water would be harnessed and allocated.

Finalist for the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association Award

"Marc Weingarten’s new book, Thirsty: William Mulholland, California Water, and the Real Chinatown, neatly encapsulates the complex background of civic battles (the so-called “water wars”) between L.A. and the Owens Valley that led up to that moment and which helped to create the sprawling megalopolis we live in now."
LA Weekly

"...for media cognoscenti, the portions about [Harrison Gray] Otis, his soon-to-be-competitor Boyce and an enterprising delivery man named Harry Chandler will provide added enjoyment."

Marc Weingarten is an author and filmmaker in Los Angeles.