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Deena Metzger presents and signs A Rain of Night Birds at Book Passage Ferry Plaza

Deena Metzger is a writer and healer living at the end of the road in Topanga, California. Deena is a radical thinker on behalf of the natural world and planetary survival, a teacher of writing and healing practices for 50 years and a writer and activist profoundly concerned with peacemaking, restoration and sanctuary for a beleaguered world. She has been convening ReVisioning Medicine bringing Indigenous medicine ways to heal the medical world since 2004, and is imagining a Literature of Restoration as foundations of a new viable culture. She, with writer Michael Ortiz Hill, introduced Dare to North America in 1999. Dare and the 19 Ways Training for the 5th World, are unique forms of individual, community and environmental healing based on Indigenous and contemporary medicine and wisdom traditions.

Deena Metzger presents and signs A Rain of Night Birds

Book Passage | Ferry Plaza | 1 Ferry Building # 42, San Francisco, CA 94111

Perhaps never before in the history of humankind has the disparity between Indigenous mind and Western mind been more on the pulse of what we must pay attention to in order to insure our survival. Deena Metzger has written a novel in which two people, who are from each side of this polarity, begin a loving relationship. Sandra Birdswell is a student of climatology with an uncanny ability to sense weather events. Her mother, who died in childbirth, is a mystery to her. Her father, John, formerly a Reservation doctor, faithfully raises her despite his limitations and obligations. She first meets Terrence, a Native man and a professor of climatology, at her university classes. Years later, they are drawn together by the powerful forces of their love, for the Earth, for each other, and their mutual need to seek out the broken links of their family histories. When the UN report on climate change is released in 2007, the reality of the effects of the Anthropocene era sends a shockwave through both their lives. Their relationship to each other and to the elementals they are so intimate with lightning, thunder, rain, mountain brings them deeply and violently into a quest to live their lives in ways that disengage from colonial mind, the same mind that brought devastation to the Native peoples, and now brings all of humanity to the brink of extinction. Through their love of and deeply felt intuitive connection to the Earth, they each go to the brink of death to find their truth, to gain strength and wisdom.