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TiGeorges LaGuerre launches No Man Is An Island at Stories in Echo Park

King of Haitian Chicken, TiGeorges LaGuerre launches his memoir No Man Is An Island at Stories Echo Park, with coauthor Jeremy Rosenberg

Stories, Echo Park | 1716 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

TiGeorges world-famous Haitian chicken will be served!

Jean-Marie Monfort Hébert Georges Fils “TiGeorges” Laguerre died at birth. But anyone who knows the gregarious, polylingual chef and restaurant owner realizes that it takes more than something like dying to keep this charismatic man down. Laguerre was revived, and in the decades since, has lived life to the fullest. His new memoir is a recipe for real talk and a hearty blend of food, family, and country. Laguerre spills secrets of his one-of-a-kind cuisine, talks about the life in Haiti, and shares his everyman’s immigrant’s journey from the Caribbean to New York, and then across the country to L.A.