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Horror Event at Dark Delicacies, featuring Carlos Allende and Dan Coplan

What if Death fell in love? Set on the eve of the Day of The Dead, it is a supernatural thriller dripping with mystical conversation beyond words. This night, the object of Death's attraction, YEATS DANE, sets out to find his wife's killer and avenge her death, when he is seduced by the Death, a wild and fantastic game of cat and mouse ensues, in which everything goes wrong.

Carlos Allende and Dan Coplan present and sign Love, Or The Witches of Windward Circle and Let It Be at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA

Dark Delicacies | 3512 W. Magnolia Blvd.
 Burbank, CA91505

Venice, California

Home to the broken, the dispossessed, and other scary folk.

In our prayers, we mispronounce the words of the paternoster; we curse the womb of the anomalous woman; we deny Christ and the Eucharist, and we praise Pilate’s decision every Friday. Instead of fasting during Lent, we offer our bodies and souls to our master, Satan.

Nineteen-year-old Josie García is torn between true love with a down-and-out poet and the monetary stability that only a rich husband can provide. She owes rent—two months—and while her little landlady is docile enough to pretend that she has forgotten about the money, she’s also a self-taught witch, planning to chop Josie’s head off and use it as the main ingredient in a potion to recover her lost youth and become the beautiful woman she never was.

Creepy, campy, and yet incredibly lyrical, Love, or the Witches of Windward Circle is a wildly imaginative tale that spans five decades, connecting the otherworldly occult to the out-of-this-world bohemia of fiftiies Venice Beach.