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Sam Benjamin and Candice Lori at Pure Pleasure in Santa Cruz, CA

Sam Benjamin and Candice Lori present The Hippie Kama Sutra at Pure Pleasure in Santa Cruz, CA in conjunction with First Friday, featuring original artwork by Sam Wohl

Pure Pleasure | 204 Church St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

This event is put on in conjunction with Santa Cruz First Friday. We will have original artwork from the book for sale, coloring activities, and a blow up to poke your head through and take pictures with.

Hippies may be all about free love, but there are some difficult waters to navigate when dreadlocks and unkempt beards are involved. The Hippie Kama Sutra is a helpful guide for those who are grappling with those age old questions: Where does one find great natural supplements that might also work as an aphrodisiac? How does one find a mate with similar Birkenstock preferences? Will patchouli oil hide the natural post-coital musk? All of these questions, and many more, are answered in this wonderful and unique guide. A humorous look at the harbingers of free love and a tool to help them love more freely, The Hippie Kama Sutra is perfect for the hippie in your life, or the hippie in yourself.