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Kazuo Ishiguro In Conversation with Erika Krouse at King Center

Kazuo Ishiguro in conversation with Erika Krouse at King Center in Denver, CO

King Center, University of Colorado Denver, 855 Lawrence Way

Inside the Writer's Studio is the popular and unpredictable on-stage, unscripted conversation between studio guest Kazuo Ishiguro and Lighthouse Fiction Instructor Erika Krouse. Gossip could be leaked. Literary secrets uncovered. Ishiguro will sign books following the event.

“Nina was a thief, technically, although she never defined herself that way. Stealing was sponsorship. Fighting was the passion.”

Street-fighter Nina Black lives by her fists in Denver, stealing wallets and taking advantage of men who try to take advantage of her. This symbiosis is upended when one of her marks, a cop and MMA comeback contender, wants his wallet — and his dignity — back.

Avoiding retribution is difficult enough alone, but it becomes impossible once Nina gets unexpected custody of an orphaned 8-year-old niece she didn’t know existed, accompanied by her long-lost (and ever-vigilant) childhood flame, Isaac. When the situation implodes, only one person can help Nina earn back her life, and prepare her for the fight that might end it.