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Keith Buckley launch party for Scale at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto

Keith Buckley launches Scale at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto!

Gladstone Hotel | 1214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J6, Canada

Link to event tickets are HERE.

Ray Goldman will outdrink you, out-party you and, unfortunately for him, probably outlive you. As a hopeless and struggling indie rock musician, Ray's best chance of discovering any beauty and purpose in his dysfunctional life will come only when he ceases to struggle against life itself. These are his memoirs.

The debut novel from Every Time I Die frontman Keith Buckley is unveiled at this very special event at London’s The Brewhouse with a live discussion between Keith and music journalist Paul Brannigan. It will also feature an audience Q&A.

From Buffalo, New York, Every Time I Die have been pushing the boundaries of metalcore for nearly two decades and have toured the globe playing to thousands.

Also playing in supergroup The Damned Things, Keith has a deep knowledge of the intricacies and events of life on the road promising this book will be full of close to the bone brilliance.