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Allan MacDonell reads with Vermin on the Mount at Book Show in Highland Park, CA

Allan MacDonell presents and signs Punk Elegies with Vermin on the Mount reading series at Book Show in Highland Park, CA

Book Show | 5503 N. Figueroa Highland Park, CA

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Punk Elegies arrives like a chemically unstable mixture of Richard Yates and Damon Runyon. Set along Hollywood Boulevard at the birth of punk and the death of the seventies, the thirty-three melancholic, comic laments of Punk Elegies are a mesmerizing concoction of delusion and revelation. A cultural moment, a marriage, and one young man’s mind and soul spiral through a series of boundless possibilities and arrive at a harrowing finality. In the end, on the spin cycle of destiny, MacDonell circles alone, naked and bewildered in the labyrinth of a pre-AIDS bathhouse inferno. The first sunrise of the rest of his life dares him to step outside.