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Bobette Buster presents a special workshop, Learn How to Tell Your Story at San Diego Writers, Ink.

A one-day workshop by Bobette Buster, story guru/consultant to the studios, writer/producer, Adj. Professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts. During this workshop, Bobette will deconstruct master filmmakers and storytellers via film clips, storytelling and interactive discussion with the group, and deliver foundational concepts that will enable you to tell your story well. Participants will have the opportunity to tell a story, with feedback from Bobette. They will also be given hand-outs and direction for successful next steps.

Bobette has taught this course at USC for over 20 years, inside the major studios (Pixar, Disney, Sony), top film programs worldwide, as well as to corporations, business conferences, and non-profit organizations all over the world–including the Hay Literary Festival, the Sydney Writers Festival, and the Future of Storytelling Conference. Trial attorneys, psychiatrists, journalists, and graphic designers, as well as animators and filmmakers have all come away inspired from her course.

PLEASE NOTE: It is best to register at least a week before the start of a class to help our instructors prepare and ensure that a class does not get cancelled or rescheduled.

Bobette Buster, author of Do Story, presents a special workshop, Learn How to Tell Your Story through the San Diego Writers, Ink.

The Ink Spot | 2730 Historic Decatur Rd., Barracks 16, Suite 202, San Deigo, CA 92106