It's Not Dead Fest at the San Manuel Amphitheater Festival Grounds

Rare Bird Books will be at the Punk's Well Read section of It's Not Dead Fest

We will be featuring:

Bruce Duff, bassist for The Jeff Dahl Band and Cheetah Chrome, among many others, author of The Smell of Death

Allan MacDonell, former editor at Hustler, co-inventor of slam dancing, author of Punk Elegies: True Tales of Death Trip Kids, Wrongful Sex, and Trial by Angel Dust

Jesse Michaels, former frontman for Operation Ivy, co-author of Sophisticated Devices/Make No Mistake (the first in the Barnacle Split Editions series)

Dave Naz, formerly in Chemical People, Down by Law, and The Last, author/photographer of Genderqueer: And Other Gender Identities

D.H. Peligro, drummer of the Dead Kennedys, and author of Dreadnaught: King of Afropunk

Oriana Small, star of the film series Girlvert among others, author of Girlvert: A Porno Memoir

Mike Spitz, photographer/author of The Record Store Book

Christopher Zeischegg, guitarist/singer for the band Children, author of The Wolves That Live in Skin and Space