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Burt Weissbourd signs In Velvet at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop

  • Seattle Mystery Bookstore 117 Cherry St. Seattle, WA 98104 United States (map)

The northwest corner of Yellowstone has been closed, supposedly for “bear management”. But Rachel Stanley, a wildlife biologist at the park, has noticed a number of odd things: not only are the animals behaving strangely, she’s seeing deformities where there used to be virtually none. She begins to suspect the closure is being used to cover up something terrible.

A non-stop thriller set in some of North America’s wildest country, In Velvet takes you deep into the hearts of a hard case local detective and a Chicago cop as they take on a corrupt sheriff, a pathalogical poacher, and a lethal black ops manager to solve this ghastly mystery and restore the natural order in Yellowstone National Park.

Burt Weissbourd is the producer of many notable films, including Ghost Story, starring Fred Astaire, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and Patricia Neal, and Raggedy Man, starring Sissy Spacek and Sam Shepard, which The New York Times called “a movie of sweet, low-keyed charm.” His first novel, Inside Passage was released in 2013. He lives in New York City.