O.G. (Old Guy) Dad: Weird Shit Happens When You Don't Die Young

by Jerry Stahl

Old Guy Dad recounts the adventures of a man who, in the proverbial autumn of his yearsor at least the pre-autumndiscovers his girlfriend is pregnant. He is going to be a father. Again. Only this time he wants to do it right: no heroin, plenty of low-back pain.  A collection of celebrated columns from The Rumpus with new material and never-before-told tales, Old Guy Dad finds Jerry Stahl fighting a terminal disease—not to mention mortality, sleeplessness, and the soul-crushing weirdness of preschool drop-offs with parents half his age. Square is the last frontier.

Rare Bird Books
Paperback, 2015: 9780988745629
US $14.95 | Memoir

His writing... is characterized by a black humor that feels almost toxic; and an unflinching commitment to honesty, no matter how sordid or humiliating.
Chris Campion, The Guardian
By the way, if you’ve ever been a parent, or ever been a kid, and you’re not squeamish (hell, even if you are squeamish, especially if you’re squeamish!) you need to read this book.
David Henry Sterry, author of Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man For Rent

Pushcart Prize-winning author Jerry Stahl has written six books, including the memoir Permanent Midnight (made into a film with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson), and the novels Pain Killers, Bad Sex On Speed, and I, Fatty (optioned by Johnny Depp), and Happy Mutant Baby Pills. His widely anthologized fiction and nonfiction has appeared in The BelieverEsquireBlack Book, and a variety of other places. He currently writes for the IFC series Maron. He lives in Los Angeles.


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