“Colby has written a novel of relentless energy. While driving a cab at night, his main character hunts his wife’s killers through LA’s dark streets of dreams and nightmares. It’s tense, episodic, complete and compelling. It’s quite a ride.”

Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather Films, Apocalypse Now

Now available in hardcover.

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Night Driver

BY Ronald Colby

So this was it, he thought. He had his first fare and was now officially a cab driver. He shook his head as he exhaled the smoke into the morning cold. Well, he’d use the taxi time just as he had promised himself. He would figure things out, get a hold on himself, keep a little money coming in, and find the men who had murdered his wife.

Nick Cullen's wife was brutally murdered in a burglary gone horribly wrong, and he's not the type to move on with his life, especially when he has seen the faces of the murderers in person. His plan: learn how to drive a cab so he can find his wife's murderers on the streets of Los Angeles.

Nick's nighttime rides lead him down dead end after dead end, until one day he manages to get a hold of the ID of one of the men who destroyed his life. Nick's chase heats up and he's forced to face the truth of how far a man will go who has nothing left to lose.

Night Drivertakes the reader on a white-knuckled thrill ride through the dimly lit streets of after-hours Los Angeles and into the dark heart of a man pushed to the brink. An unforgettable journey of obsession, sadness, and revenge.

Rare Bird Books, A Vireo Book
Hardcover, 2018: 978-1945572654
US $25.95 | Fiction
Also available in ebook formats

“Colby’s well-paced first novel takes the reader on a winding, exhilarating ride through late-1970s Los Angeles.”
Publishers Weekly
“Big news: Ron Colby’s Night Driver is a contemporary noir novel that deserves a place next to Chandler, Connolly and Wambaugh. The story of a man who drives a taxi through the night streets of Los Angeles searching for his wife’s killers makes an exciting, original and hard to put down book. Colby knows his turf, his characters and he gets everything right.”
Michael Elias, author of The Last Conquistador

Ronald Colby began his career as a playwright and actor in New York City. Stolen away to Hollywood by director-writer Francis Ford Coppola, Ron began producing films and television. Always wanting to try his hand at a novel, he began writing Night Driver two decades ago, but the rigors of film work kept pulling him away and later to concentrate on writing and directing feature documentary films. After years of fitful starts, Ronald walked away from film and completed Night Driver.


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