Fall 2017—Nonfiction

Hummingbird by Jude Angelini

Hummingbird by Jude Angelini

Praise for Hyena

“Angelini’s book is like a mix of Charles Bukowski and Hunter S. Thompson, chronicling a whirlwind of belligerent wild tribulations all his own…You won’t be able to put it down, and you will come out understanding and understood.”
BuzzFeed Books

"An explicit collection of stories from the host of The All Out Show on Sirius."
Kirkus Reviews

"The book is funny, vile, sad and shocking. Angelini's style punches you in the face, but makes you see the man underneath the monster, the humanity inside the beast."
The Detroit News

Dark, deviant, and deliriously funny, Jude Angelini writes in the colloquial vein of Charles Bukowski, using his unique, natural voice to tell stories from his life. He writes about his sexual encounters―both strange and intimate―alongside stories from his childhood and his tell-all experiences with “science drugs.” Throughout it all, Jude is critical of himself and his actions, proving himself to be vulnerable, lonely, and extremely relatable. A stellar follow-up to Hyena.

Jude Angelini was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan. He got his start as a guest and comic on The Jenny Jones Show and now hosts his own show, The All Out Show, on Sirius Satellite Radio. He loves reading Elmore Leonard, science fiction, and medieval fantasy, as well as antiquing and playing a good game of backgammon. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Autobiography | TPO | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 320 pp | US $25.95

Publication Date—Sep 19 2017

Inside Studio 54 by Mark Fleischman.jpg

Inside Studio 54 by Mark Fleischman

"The Studio 54 Effect took me back to the champagne and cocaine fueled antics of owner Mark Fleischman. His retelling of stories about the famous and his not so famous cast of characters that made Studio 54 so much fun will tickle your fancy for wild nights that last until dawn."
Robin Leach, Las Vegas Review Journal and former host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
"This unfettered tell-all will prove nostalgic for those who manage to remember being there and engrossing for readers wishing they were."
Kirkus Reviews

In Inside Studio 54, the former owner takes you behind the scenes of the most famous nightclub in the world, through the crowd, to a place where celebrities, friends, and the beautiful people sip champagne and share lines of cocaine using rolled-up hundred-dollar bills. In the early eighties, Mark Fleischman reopened Studio 54, the world’s most glamorous and notorious nightclub, after it was closed down by the State of New York. Ten thousand people showed up that night, ready to restart the party that abruptly ended after the raid in 1978 landed its former owners in jail.

Inside Studio 54 invites you to revisit the happening scenes of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, the post-Pill, pre-AIDS era of free love, consequence-free sex, and seemingly endless partying. Following Fleischman as he built connections as a hotel, restaurant, and club owner that lead him to Studio 54. Inside Studio 54 takes the reader from Brazil to the heights of debauchery in the Virgin Islands and finally to New York City.

Memoir | HC | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 320 pp | US $25.95

Publication Date—Sep 19 2017

Live at the Safari Club Front Cover RGB.jpg

Live at the safari club by shawna kenney and rich dolinger

"I spent much of the late 80s and 90s on tour with Fugazi and it seemed like something was always brewing back in DC while I was away. . . . Seeing the images in the book and learning more about the Safari makes me regret having missed the action, but also thrilled to know that kids will always find a way to make that action happen. It can’t be stopped!"
Ian MacKaye, frontman for Minor Threat and Fugazi

"The Safari Club was a venue that was sorely needed in DC at the time―for the next generation of punk which was growing rapidly. Shawna became known by touring punk bands as the person to contact in DC for a show, and developed a positive reputation quickly."
Cynthia Connolly, program manager, DC Space, circa 1989; co-author of Banned in DC

"DC's Safari Club was one of those legendary places that you'd hear about that was part of the scene. NY had A7 and CBGB, Connecticut had Pogos and the Anthrax, LA, SF, Detroit and on and on, every place where punk took root had venues spring up out of necessity to give kids a place to hang out and hear, play and see live music."
Jordan Cooper, Revelation Records

Live at the Safari Club: A History of HarDCore Punk in the Nation's Capital 1988–1998 is the uncensored oral history of a notorious underground punk venue in the nation’s capital, told by the bands, fans, zinesters, promoters, graffiti artists, scenesters, senators’ kids and activists who made it happen. Over 200 exclusive interviews with and photos of members of Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, Sick of it All, Worlds Collide, Ignition, Swiz, Avail, Rancid, Nirvana, Danzig, Bad Religion, Tom Waits’ band, Bad Brains, Hole, Hatebreed, Clutch, My Morning Jacket, and more.

Shawna Kenney authored the award-winning memoir I Was a Teenage Dominatrix (Last Gasp), edited the anthology Book Lovers (Seal Press) and co-wrote Imposters(Mark Batty Publishers). Her photos appear in the book 9:30: A Time and Place and she contributed a chapter to Spoke: Images and Stories from the 1980s Washington, DC Punk Scene (Akashic Books). Her freelance work has appeared in The New York TimesMs.BustViceNarrativelyAlternative PressCreative Nonfiction, and more.

Rich Dolinger has played in bands and has been involved in the hardcore scene since the late 80s. He’s dabbled in photography, music journalism, graphic design and is currently studying film editing. His photography and articles have appeared in Spin MagazineAPHighwire Daze, and While You Were Sleeping. He is also a Los Angeles-based contractor, operating his company Straight Edge Tile.

Photography/Oral History | HC | 10 x 10 in | 144 pp | US $30.00

Publication Date—Jul 18 2017

Lessons from the Road PR Cover RGB.jpg

Lessons From The Road: Musicians As Business Leaders by Todd Pasternack

It's tough to measure success for something that doesn't exist yet

The language of music meets the language of business in this unorthodox examination of the influences and impact that creativity, improvisation, and collaboration have within an organization.

Through interviews with successful business people who also were (or still are) professional musicians, musician/ad tech thought-leader Todd Pasternack leads readers through Lessons From The Road: Musicians As Business Leaders using real-world stories "from the road" to help today's business leaders find fresh ideas to bring back to their organizations to create innovative products and solutions, build stronger teams, and more quickly connect dots in unexpected and valuable ways.

Featuring Interviews with:

  • Rob Avery, Scala, Digitas Health and bass player for Boysetsfire
  • Jimmy Chamberlin, CEO of Blue J Strategies and drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins
  • Reid Genauer, CMO at Magisto and guitar and vocals for Assembly of Dust
  • Anurag Gulati, Uber, Facebook, studio owner and engineer
  • Cat Kolodij, Progressive Insurance, guitar and vocals for Working
  • Michael Lowenstern, R/GA, bass clarinet
  • Naomi Margolin, Armada Global, vocalist with Sam Moore and Mark Newman Band
  • Glenn Rosenstein, Wealthpoint Financial Group, record label president and record producer
  • Derek Richmond, Prettybird, guitarist
  • Al Schnier, guitar and vocals for moe.

Business/Music | Paperback | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 208 pp | US $17.95

Publication Date—Oct. 17, 2017

No Joy Final PR Cover RGB.jpg

No Joy: A Recon Marine's Tales of (Self) Destruction by David Rose

“Going to war was a finite window to touch the vanquished barbaric world modern reality has so woefully blighted out.” 

Joining the Marines in 2002, David Rose signed up to go fight…and to go die. On this grim path—rather than finding a violent death—he would find family, purpose, and a brotherhood once longed for, almost entirely given up on, and reawakened amid the misfit tribal world of the war fighter. 

Tales of muay thai bouts in seedy garages, a bizarre stint as a street cop, being on the other side of the badge, a veteran psych ward, and more—all weaved into an irreverent story that doesn’t just define one’s turbulent sojourn, but speaks of a much larger narrative about the swept-under-the-rug unpleasantries of a generation—and the warrior subculture that emerged from it. 

No Joy rips the façade off the Greatest Generation clichés, replacing them with an authentic and thoughtful approach to the unsung factors that really draw men to war. Rose possesses an artistic depth that explodes myths about the military, military family life, the Marine Corps, and the American way.

David Rose was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 2002 to 2006, mostly as a Reconnaissance Man in 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion; under which he deployed to Iraq in 2004. This era encompassed the first Democratic elections held in Iraq and the retaking of Fallujah. All this in the most violent battle space of the war, the Al Anbar Province—or Triangle of Death. 

He holds a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration from American Military University as well as a Master of Science in Philosophy of the Social Sciences from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Memoir | TPO | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 280 pp | US $15.95

Publication Date—September 19 2017