Motivated by her passion for powerful voices and storytelling, Lisa Weinert created ARCHER to empower creators to reach their audiences using the most innovative, effective methods available on the market. 

Lisa began her career in 2002 as The Nation Magazine’s first web intern. She spent the next eight and half years working at Vintage and Anchor Books, part of the Knopf/Doubleday Group, Random House, Inc as a publicist and editor. During her time at Random House, she worked on PR and marketing campaigns for hundreds of award winning and bestselling authors including: Carl Bernstein, Tavis Smiley, Mary Gaitskill, Chuck Todd, Norman Lebrecht, Nicholas Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Mary Gordon, Dr. Andy Weil, David Shipler, Kay Redfield Jamison, Helen Oyeyemi and Dani Shapiro.  She also acquired and brought to market Josh Neufeld’sNew York Times bestselling graphic novel “AD: New Orleans After the Deluge.” Lisa left Random House to join Jane Friedman’s innovative ebook company Open Road Integrated Media to spearhead digital marketing campaigns for their rich backlist authors like William Styron and Iris Murdoch and launch “e-riginals” like Mary Glickman’s bestselling ebook “Home in the Morning”.

Based on her traditional and non-traditional publishing experience, in 2011 Lisa founded LWC, an integrated publicity firm which provides critical PR and social media strategy for authors, brands, institutions, organizations, and digital platforms.  At LWC, Lisa has worked with Goodreads, reKiosk, Subtext, and The Atavist, as well as authors including Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Jill Iscol, Julian Tepper, Judi Hannan, Jimmie Briggs, Deb Ebenstein, Paul Rome, Ethan Nichtern, and more. Both LWC and ARCHER focus on topical nonfiction and select literary fiction, with a special interest in wellness, women’s leadership, social advocacy, and personal narrative.

Lisa is a frequent speaker about digital innovation in publicity and marketing strategy in book publishing. She has spoken at Columbia Journalism School, Barnard College, The Center for Talent Innovation's Annual Summit, Wesleyan University and SXSW. She has been featured in The New York Observer,GawkerPublisher’s Weekly, Galleycat, and The Book Standard.


Tyson Cornell is the founder of Rare Bird Lit and Rare Bird Books, a distribution partner of Publishers Group West and The Perseus Books Group, and their three subsidiary imprints, Barnacle, Vireo, and Rare Bird. In 2014, Cornell partnered with Lisa Weinert to provide global book and e-book distribution for the entire ARCHER catalog of existing and forthcoming titles.




Julia Callahan started her career in the Book Soup Annex. She managed to work her way up to Assistant Director of Marketing and Publicity before Tyson hired her to help him with his new company, Rare Bird. She has worked in the publishing industry for ten years and has a BA in Literature and a BA in History from the University of California, Santa Cruz.






Alice Marsh-Elmer is the Senior Editorial and Design Director for ARCHER, Rare Bird, and all of their imprints. She began her career with Rare Bird as an intern and has grown alongside Rare Bird Books to become an invaluable part of the industry. With a background in design and visual arts, she holds a BA in Photography and Gender Studies from the University of Redlands. In addition to books, she's an avid lover of public radio and travel.