Few have ventured into the strange and compelling territory claimed by Tom Stern... [My Vanishing Twin] covers everything from stifled artistic ambitions to our capacity for self-destruction, but at the core of the book is the unconventional bond between two brothers, giving this offbeat tale an unexpectedly warm heart.
Tobias Carroll, author of Reel and Transitory
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My Vanishing Twin

by tom stern

Walter Braum is pregnant with his own twin brother and, frankly, he’s having one hell of a time figuring out how to tell people. It is an exceedingly freaky manifestation of a rare medical condition called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. But it is also a sudden thorn in Walter’s psyche, bringing into question most everything he thought he knew about himself and his life. 

To make matters worse, when his twin is born a genius with fresh eyes on the world, Walter is forced to face the self doubt and personal recrimination that has stunted his growth for decades. So Walter decides to strip his life down to essentials and to set out after the strongest passion he can remember having: his youthful desire to be a rock star. Granted, Walter can’t play an instrument, nor has he ever taken a lesson. But these are precisely the types of obstacles that his twin would shatter in pursuit of his goals. 

My Vanishing Twin is the story of a man who sets out to realign his life with his purest, long-forgotten ambitions under the oddest of medical and familial circumstances, only to find that none of his pursuits—not music, not success, not business and industry, not beauty or truth, and not even sibling rivalry—will alleviate the responsibility he must take for his own life decisions.

Rare Bird Books, A Barnacle Book
Paperback, May 16 2017: ISBN: 978-1-945572-10-4
US $16.95 | Fiction / Literary

My Vanishing Twin by Tom Stern
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Tom Stern is the author of the novels My Vanishing Twin and Sutterfeld, You Are Not A Hero, published by Rare Bird Books. He is also the writer/director of the feature films Half-Dragon Sanchez and This Is A Business. Tom's films have played festivals across the United States and in Europe. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Eckerd College and an MFA in Film Production from Chapman University.