Love, Or The Witches Of Windward Circle

by Carlos Allende

“A decidedly dark tale for those with funny bones, strong stomachs, and open minds.” — Kirkus

A witch with a nefarious past is dying and looking for absolution. She leaves behind three daughters: a pair of beautiful and narcissistic brats and one ugly, forgotten young girl. In an unexpected twist on “Cinderella,” the nameless and voiceless young girl becomes the household slave. While her sisters enjoy raucous satanic parties, cavorting with scores of dark creatures, the young girl sits at home and is told that if only she cleaned more, maybe she could make it to the next demonic ball.

A Rare Bird Book
Paperback, 2015: 978-1-942600-49-7
US $18.95 | Fiction
Also available in audio and ebook formats

Carlos Allende was born in Mexico City in 1974, but can pull off 1985 under the proper light. He has three elder sisters, none of whom practices magic. Since he was kid, he knew he liked boys and that he wanted to be a writer. However, he was too much of a coward to study writing: his BA is in Economics and he has a MA in Global Management. He makes a living taking care of the finances for two vacation rental companies, one of them in Venice, CA, and is currently enrolled in a Master in Media Psychology. He lives in Santa Monica with his husband.