"This imaginative fictional memoir of an aristocratic young ballerina who becomes a fortune teller in a circus after her world falls a part swallowed me. I couldn’t put it down. Audrey Berger is an extraordinary writer and Circus of the Queens, simply put, is wonderful! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves language, history, magic and the joy of being swept into the life of a complex and riveting female character."

Sara Driver, writer, producer, director

Coming in 2017.

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Circus of the Queens: The Fortune-Teller's Fate

BY Audrey Berger Welz


From Imperial Russia to Savannah, Georgia and beyond a family circus, and a bitter, scorned love drives to the heart of this saga of identity, fate, and the steps we take to find who we are in this world


Donatalia dances at the Winter Palace just as the Russian Revolution comes and obliterates the life she thought she would have. Forced leave her dreams behind, she must move to the new world to start a new life. Having lost family, fortune and country, she unexpectedly finds herself reuniting with Vladimir, heir to the most celebrated Russian circus, dazzling high wire walker, and the object of a long-forgotten crush she harbored as a child.


Both struggling to let go of the past, they reconnect and share an intimacy only they can understand. Donatalia follows Vladimir and becomes the circus fortune teller and it is through her eyes this story is told.


A poetic adventure of revenge, love, and loss Circus of the Queens: The Fortune Teller’s Fate is a stunning debut from an exciting new talent and begs the question how does one define themselves when their whole world is lost.

Rare Bird Books, A Vireo Book
Paperback, 2017: 9781945572968
US $17.95 | Fiction
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“Ms. Berger takes us down a path that leads directly to the heart with her delicious words, creative phrasing and beautiful pacing. Who knew there would be so much between these pages?”
Peter Buffett, Writer, Composer
“Ms. Berger weaves an incredibly nuanced and wonderfully rich tale in her latest novel, Circus of the Queens: The Fortune Teller’s Fate. The depth of her characters, the insight into by gone society, the incredible location descriptions and the over all arc of her heroine makes me wish that she would write screenplays… for me!”
Scott Ross, Film Producer and Executive LucasFilm Digital Domain

Audrey Berger Welz earned a degree in Aesthetic Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, worked in film in San Francisco, then moved, to New York City to pursue music where she collaborated with composers on projects for television, film, and live production. An avid photographer, she sings nightly to her husband, and immerses herself in writing every day.

Raised in Akron, Ohio by a salesman father who serenaded the family on violin and brought home stray animals, and a mother who taught kindergarten, Audrey lives in Manhattan with her husband and two very naughty shelter cats. Circus of the Queens: The Fortune Tellers Fate, is her debut novel. She is currently writing a sequel titled Circus of the Queens: The Shadow of Lillya.