Cascade Falls

by Bruce Ferber

Cascade Falls explores the failed promise of the American Dream. Raised to believe that with hard work, anything is possible, a staggering number of Americans hate their jobs and see little chance of ever escaping the grind. In his tragicomic followup to the laugh-ridden Elevating Overman, Bruce Ferber asks the question: “How does giving up our dreams affect our relationships and our psyches?”

Danny Johnson, a writer whose career never materialized, moves with his wife and children to Cascade Falls, a water-filled, golf community in the bone-dry desert outside of Phoenix. Grudgingly going to work for his father Ted, the Elmer Gantry of home development, Danny's quest for stability ultimately comes up short. His marriage begins to fray and the housing market goes bust, forcing him and those around him to examine their lives anew. Cascade Falls exposes the desperate price paid for sacrificing who we are for how and where we live.

Rare Bird Books, A Vireo Book
Paperback, 2015: 978-1-940207-37-7
US $15.95 | Fiction
Also available in ebook formats

Bruce Ferber is that perfect combination of humorist and humanist. Cascade Falls is poignant, moving, and ridiculously funny.
Dan Zevin, Thurber Award-winning author of Dan Gets a Minivan
Bruce Ferber’s Cascade Falls is a black comedy of high order, bitingly funny and earnestly moving at the same time. He has a great eye for the ways we misperceive ourselves and each other, often with drastic consequences. Ferber writes with a comic urgency but he’s never too busy funnin’ to recognize the way life can erode even the best intentions.
T. Jefferson Parker, author of Full Measure

Bruce Ferber, before publishing his debut novel Elevating Overman, built a long and successful career as a television comedy writer and producer. A multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominee, Globes, his credits include Bosom Buddies; Growing Pains; Sabrina, the Teenage Witch; Coach; and Home Improvement, where he served as Executive Producer and showrunner. In addition to being recognized by the Television Academy, Ferber's work has received the People's Choice, Kid's Choice, and Environmental Media Awards.

After the publication of Elevating Overman, Ferber toured extensively, delivering the closing keynote speech at Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. Elevating Overman was recently released on audiobook, recorded by Jason Alexander, and is currently being developed for the big screen.

He lives in Southern California with his wife, large dog, and assorted musical instruments.