But I Hardly Even Know Her!

a book of dirty word-play jokes

by C.I. Harris, Jerome B. Deck Jr., and Evan Grossman

In 1975, three twelve-year-old boys met in the nerd's corner of the cafeteria at Mission Hill Junior High School and discovered that they all shared the same raunchy, pubescent sense of humor. Over the next forty years, they managed to preserve their friendship and their sanity by tapping into the goofy immaturity of their youth with double-meaning word-play jokes. They recently collected the best of those jokes into the book that you now hold in your hands. So, flip it open, grab your lunch bag, and join us. You're welcome. And we hardly even know you.

The Blue-Breasted Nuthatch Series
Paperback, 2015: 9781942600442
US $14.95 | Nonfiction
Also available in ebook format

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