Ambition in Black + White:

The Feminist narrative revised

by Melinda Marshall & Tai Wingfield

What do women want? Black women and white aspire to excel, empower others, and earn well in their careers, but confront different hurdles in pursuit of these goals, as they have started the race from different gates. Progress for all women, we posit, depends on first recognizing their differences. In this book we show how history accounts for both the invisibility that keeps black women from attaining power as well as the ambivalence that constrains white women from pursuing it—offering strategies to help every woman fulfill her ambitions.

Rare Bird Books, A Vireo Book
Paperback, 2016: 978-1-942600-79-4
$14.95 | Business

Melinda Marshall is an Executive Vice President, Director of Publications, at Center for Talent Innovation. She presents research on talent through the lens of gender, generation, geography, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. She lives in New York, NY.

Tai Wingfield is Senior Vice President of Communications for the Center for Talent Innovation, driving reputation and branding efforts on behalf of the organization. She also serves as Managing Director of CTI's consulting arm, Hewlett Consulting Partners. She lives in New York, NY.

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