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Adapt or Wait Tables by Carol Wolper


All For Now by Joseph Di Prisco


The Alzhammer by Joseph Di Prisco


Ambition in Black + White by Melinda M. Marshall and Tai Wingfield


Bad Citizen Corporation by S. W. Lauden


Bad Sex On Speed by Jerry Stahl


Balls: A Novel by Julian Tepper


The Bellman by Heidi Barnes


Bitter Is the Wind by Jim McDermott


Black Sheep Boy by Martin Pousson


Brainpower by Sylvia Ann Hewlett


Brat Pack America by Kevin Smokler


Burn My Shadow by Tyler Knight


Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride by Brian Sweany


Cascade Falls by Bruce Ferber


ChangeAbility by Sharon Weil


Children of the Canyon by David Kukoff


The Compass and the Nail by Craig Wilson


The Complete A**hole Dad by Dan Indante


Contenders by Erika Krouse


Criminal Zoo by Sean McDaniel


Crisis: Blue by J. A. Davis


Daddy by Madison Young


Death of a Newspaperman by Delfin Vigil


The Demon Within by Beth Woodward


Desire by Brian McGreevy


Dreadnaught by D. H. Peligro


Echo of the Boom by Maxwell Neely-Cohen


Elegies for Humanism by T. Zachary Cotler


Elevating Overman by Bruce Ferber


The Experimental O'Neill by Eugene O'Neill


eYE Marty by Marty Feldman


Fat Girl by Carlos Batts and April Flores


The Free Brontosaurus by David Berkeley


Genderqueer by Dave Naz


Girlvert by Oriana Small


God of Speed by Luke Davies


Grizzly Season by S. W. Lauden


Growing Global Executives by Sylvia Ann Hewlett


Harness the Power of the Purse: Winning Women Investors by Andrea Turner Moffitt


Heavy by J. J. Anselmi


Here She Comes Now edited by Jeff Gordinier and Marc Weingarten


Higher Love by Kit Deslauriers


The Hippie Kama Sutra by Sam Benjamin, Candice Lori, and Sam Wohl


Hollywood's Team by Jim Hock


Home Fires by Donald Katz


Improbable Fortunes by Jeffrey Price


The Investment Club by Doug Cooper


In Velvet by Burt Weissbourd


Inside Passage: A Corey Logan Novel by Burt Weissbourd


Insincerely Yours by Bernard Radfar


The King of Good Intentions II by John Andrew Frederick


Let the Good Prevail by Noah and Logan Miller


Living Rich with Coupons by Cindy Livesey


Los Angeles in the 1970s edited by David Kukoff


Love, or the Witches of Windward Circle by Carlos Allende


Mani-Pedi STAT by Deb Ebenstein


Matilda Empress by Lise Arin


Mecca Pimp by Bernard Radfar


Might As Well by Dean Budnick


Minos by Burt Weissbourd


Mission Critical by Michael Abrams and Taylor Kennedy


Misunderstood Millennial Talent by Joan Snyder Kuhl


Monkology by Gary Phillips


Most Evil II by Steve Hodel


Mothsong by Threasa Meads


Navigating Chaos by Jeff Boss


New Jersey Me by Rich Ferguson


News Junkie by Jason Leopold


No Man Is An Island by TiGeorges Laguerre


No Snowflake in an Avalanche by Michael L. Weinstein


Nobody by Threasa Meads


Notes to Boys by Pamela Ribon


The Oath by Stephen Robert Stein


The Odds by Robert J. Peterson


Old Guy Dad by Jerry Stahl


Omegaball by Robert J. Patterson


Outside In by Doug Cooper


The People's Republic of Chemicals by Chip Jacobs


The Performance of Heartbreak and Other Plays by Scott Caan


Permanent Midnight by Jerry Stahl


Punk Elegies by Allan MacDonell


The Record Store Book by Mike Spitz


Reel by Tobias Carroll


Relentless Beauty by Shannon Crawford


Ross's Novel Discoveries by Michael Ross


Ross's Timely Discoveries by Michael Ross


Saturnalia by Justin Chapman


Scale by Keith Buckley


Short Century: A Novel by David Burr Gerard


Shrink Thyself by Bill Scheft


The Smell of Death by Bruce Duff


Sophisticated Devices/Make No Mistake by Jesse Michaels and Sam McPheeters


Sparks-Tastic by Tosh Berman


Spent by Antonia Crane


Spontaneous Urban Plants by David Seiter


Stairway to Paradise by Nadia Natali


Strange As It Seems by Chip Jacobs


Strange Boat by Jon Methven


Subway to California by Joseph Di Prisco


Sutterfeld, You Are Not a Hero by Tom Stern


Take Fountain by Adam Novak


Teaser by Burt Weissbourd


Thirsty by Marc Weingarten


Typee by Herman Melville


Ventriloquist: Two Plays by Rick Mitchell


The Vicodin Thieves by Chip Jacobs


Vow of Celibacy by Erin Judge


Waiting for Lipchitz at Chateau Marmont by Aris Janigian


The Warner Bros. Studios Commissary Cookbook


We All Sleep in the Same Room by Paul Rome


We Dropped a Bomb on You: The Best of Slake I-IV by Joe Donnelly


Weather to Fly by Christopher LeGras


What We Never Had by Zach Wyner


When The Stars Fade by Adam L. Korenman


The Wolves That Live in Skin and Space by Christopher Zeischegg


The Write Prescription by Judith Hannan


Yes Is The Answer by Marc Weingarten and Tyson Cornell