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Upcoming RBB Releases

December 2015: No Man Is An Island [paperback] by TiGeorges LaGuerre and Jeremy Rosenberg [memoir]

December 2015: The Free Brontosaurus [hardcover] by David Berkeley [fiction]

December 2015: Scale [paperback] by Keith Buckley [fiction]

January 2016: Heavy [paperback] by J.J. Anselmi [memoir]

January 2016: Waiting for Lipchitz at Chateau Marmont [fiction]

January 2016: Strange As It Seems by Chip Jacobs [nonfiction]

January 2016: Weather to Fly by Chris LeGras [fiction]

March 2016: The Alzhammer: Or Keep Your Friends Close and ... I Forget the Other Thing by Joseph Di Prisco [fiction]

March 2016: Improbable Fortunes by Jeffrey Price [fiction]

March 2016: eYE Marty: The Newly Discovered Autobiography of a Comic by Marty Feldman [memoir]

March 2016: Spontaneous Urban Plants: Weeds in NYC by David Seiter [nature and ecology]

April 2016: The Demon Within by Beth Woodward [fiction]

April 2016: Donna Loren: Mover and Shaker in the Center of a Mid-Sixties Pop Maelstrom by Donna Loren [arts and photography]

May  2016: Black Sheep Boy: A Novel in Stories by Martin Pousson [fiction]

May 2016: Minos: A Corey Logan Thriller by Burt Weissbourd [fiction]

April 2016: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride by Brian Sweany [fiction]

June 2016: Let the Good Prevail by Logan Miller [fiction]

April 2016: Strange Boat by John Methven [fiction]



Recently Released

November 2015: Thirsty [hardcover] by Marc Weingarten [nonfiction]

November 2015: Bad Citizen Corporation [paperback] by S.W. Lauden [fiction]

October 2015: Death of a Newspaperman [paperback] by Delfin Vigil [fiction]

October 2015: Barnacle Split Editions presents Sophisticated Devices/Make No Mistake [paperback] by Jesse Michaels and Sam McPheeters [fiction/stories]

November 2015: The Write Prescription [paperback] by Judith Hannan [social science]

October 2015: Novel Discoveries [hardcover] by Michael Ross [collections]

October 2015: Experimental O'Neill [paperback] by Rick Mitchell [drama]

September 2015: The Performance of Heartbreak [paperback] by Scott Caan [drama]

September 2015: Permanent Midnight (Twentieth Anniversary Edition) [hardcover] by Jerry Stahl [memoir]

September 2015: Elegies for Humanism [paperback] by T. Zachary Cotler [nonfiction]

August 2015: When The Stars Fade [paperback] by Adam L. Korenman [fiction]

August 2015: The Compass and the Nail [hardcover] by Craig Wilson [nonfiction]

August 2015: The King of Good Intentions II [paperback] by John Andrew Fredrick [fiction]

June 2015Here She Comes Now: Women in Music Who Have Changed Our Lives [hardcover] edited by Jeff Gordinier and Marc Weingarten [music]

June 2015The Sex Girl [paperback] by Alice Carbone [fiction]

June 2015The Wolves that Live in Skin and Space [paperback] by Christopher Zeischegg AKA Danny Wylde [fiction]

June 2015OG Dad (Old Guy Dad) [paperback] by Jerry Stahl [memoir]

April 2015: Punk Elegies [paperback] by Allan MacDonell [memoir]





April 2015: Sutterfeld, You Are Not A Hero [paperback] by Tom Stern [fiction]

April 2015: Relentless Beauty [hardcover] by Shannon Crawford [art]

April 2015: Robert Fripp: The Boffomundo Interview 1979 [paperback] by Ron Curtiss [interview]

April 2015: Cascade Falls [paperback] by Bruce Ferber [fiction]

April 2015: The Record Store Book [paperback] by Mike Spitz and Rebecca Villaneda [photography]

March 2015: Contenders [paperback] by Erika Krouse [fiction]

March 2015: Take Fountain [hardcover] by Adam Novak [fiction]

February 2015Teaser: A Corey Logan Thriller [hardcover] by Burt Weissbourd [fiction]

February 2015Saturnalia [paperback] by Justin Chapman [travel/memoir]

January 2015: Higher Love [hardcover] by Kit DesLauriers [skiing/memoir]

January 2015: The Odds [paperback] by Robert J. Peterson [science fiction]

January 2015The Hippie Kama Sutra [hardcover] by Sam Benjamin and Candice Lori, Illustrations by Sam Wohl [humor]

November 2014To The Far Right Christian Hater...You Can Be A Good Speller Or A Hater But You Can't Be Both [paperback] by Bonnie Weinstein [politics/civil rights]

November 2014: Home Fires [paperback] by Donald Katz [nonfiction/sociology]

November 2014The People's Republic of Chemicals [hardcover] by Chip Jacobs and William J. Kelly [environment]

November 2014The Beltway Beast [paperback] by Munir Moon [politics]

November 2014: Children of the Canyon [paperback] by David Kukoff [fiction]

October 2014: News Junkie [paperback] by Jason Leopold [nonfiction]

October 2014Genderqueer [hardcover] by Dave Naz [photography]

October 2014Mani-Pedi STAT [paperback] by Deb Ebenstein [memoir]

August 2014: God of Speed [paperback] by Luke Davies [fiction]

August 2014Yes Is The Answer [paperback] by Marc Weingarten and Tyson Cornell [music]

July 2014: Balls: A Novel [paperback] by Julian Tepper [fiction]

June 2014Shrink Thyself [hardcover] by Bill Scheft [fiction]

June 2014Subway to California [hardcover] by Joseph Di Prisco [memoir]

May 2014In Velvet by Burt Weissbourd [fiction]

April 2014Echo of the Boom [paperback] by Maxwell Neely-Cohen [fiction]

April 2014Bad Sex On Speed [paperback] by Jerry Stahl [fiction]

March 2014Spent [hardcover] by Antonia Crane [memoir]

March 2014The Smell of Death [paperback] by Bruce Duff [music]

March 2014Short Century [paperback] by David Burr Gerrard [fiction]

March 2014Brainpower [paperback] by Sylvia Ann Hewlett [nonfiction]

February 2013: Elevating Overman [paperback] by Bruce Ferber [fiction]

February 2014All For Now [paperback] by Joseph Di Prisco [fiction]

February 2014Notes to Boys [hardcover] by Pamela Ribon [humor]

February 2014Daddy [paperback] by Madison Young [memoir]

January 2014We Dropped A Bomb On You [paperback] by Joe Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa [collections]

January 2014The Complete A**hole Dad [paperback] by Dan Indante [humor]

January 2014Inside Passage [paperback] by Burt Weissbourd [fiction]

November 2013Mecca Pimp [paperback] by Bernard Radfar [fiction]

November 2013We All Sleep In The Same Room [paperback] by Paul Rome [fiction]

October 2013Dreadnaught [paperback] by D. H. Peligro [music]

September 2013Adapt or Wait Tables [paperback] by Carol Wolper [nonfiction]

September 2013Fat Girl [hardcover ltd ed and paperback] by Carlos Batts [photography]

October 2013The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Cookbook [paperback] by Pam Braun [cooking]

May 2013Sparks-Tastic [paperback] by Tosh Berman [music]

May 2013Yes Is The Answer [hardcover] by Marc Weingarten and Tyson Cornell [music]

April 2013The Vicodin Thieves [paperback] by Chip Jacobs [nonfiction]

April 2013: Coldwater [paperback] by Diana Gould [fiction]

February 2013Bad Sex On Speed [hardcover] by Jerry Stahl [fiction]

February 2013: Typee [paperback] by Herman Melville, introduction by Jonathan Evison [fiction]

February 2013Inside Passage [hardcover] by Burt Weissbourd [fiction]

September 2012Insincerely Yours [paperback] by Bernard Radfar [humor]

August 2012Balls: A Novel [hardcover] by Julian Tepper [fiction]

May 2012Monkology [paperback] by Gary Phillips

March 2012The Ascension of Jerry [hardcover] by Chip Jacobs [nonfiction]

June 2011Girlvert [paperback] by Oriana Small aka Ashley Blue [memoir]

November 2009: Empty the Sun [paperback/LP] by Joseph Mattson [fiction]

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